Friday, September 26, 2008

Yay! Its Friday!

I've had a busy but productive week. I went to the physio on Wednesday for the ankle and wished I had gone months ago. I think he got some sadist pleasure whilst massaging the tendons as he kept asking how it felt with a grin on his face. Next week he should give me some exercises to strengthen the area and hopefully prevent it from happening again. I've been on my feet at work and am noticing a bit of swelling so its back to icing it of a night time.

I've changed my weights program this week and have noticed some DOMS in my glutes. There was some mild discomfort going for my walk yesterday especially when walking up hills - and there were a few of them.

I had been tossing up whether to go to the Coast for the INBA nationals. Its such an expensive weekend after flights, accomodation and car-hire but Hubs and I were talking about it last night and have decided we will drive down and maybe take the kids to Dreamworld as well. I can't wait.
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