Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm Back!

Wow! What a hectic weekend. We left Gladdie in the early hours of Friday morning so that we could spend a bit of time shopping. As I knew that I wanted to get to Liz's RPM class on Saturday morning I booked a hotel fairly close to Indooroopilly. The class was pretty intense and not like the last RPM I had attended, I was totally shattered afterwards. Then it was off to pick the family up and head down to Dreamworld for the day. The girls had a blast at Dreamworld and Moo and I went on several rides together. Then it was time to head down to our hotel at the Gold Coast, put our feet up for 5 minutes and get ready to go out for the comp. The comp was amazing, the physiques were fantastic. I got a laugh from my girls as they mimicked the poses of the boys complete with facial expression. Unfortunately, I got a massive headache which I think was brought on by dehydration and had to go home as soon as the comp was over so I couldn't stick around for a chat with everyone (plus the girls and Hubs were pretty tired). We drove home today and I have to say we are all very, very tired. Luckily, the girls and I have the next 2 days off to re-coup with pupil-free days.
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