Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have been lucky post comp, I have felt a little lost but apart from that not much else. I have stayed well within my 5 kg target even with a little bit of dirt in my diet. My biggest hurdle has been my lack of consistancy. I start the week well but tend to crash and burn by the end of the week and I would rather not even mention weekends. To try and make myself more accountable to myself I have decided to start a diet and training blog. Its nothing too exciting, just what I have planned for myself for the day as well as some daily goals.

After watching the Nationals I can see where I need to be next year. I have been fluffing around with my training and its time to step up. Sometimes its difficult training at home by myself as it is too easy to not train as hard as I should. I'm not using it as an excuse but merely saying that I need to push myself more, to lift heavier. My biggest problem is my own self-belief. I have never been good at any sport so I tend to talk myself out of things instead of believing that I can. I know when training with Liz I would look at my workouts and tell myself that there was no way I could do it. When I gave them a go I found I could and whats more, I enjoyed it. It was the same when I decided to compete. There was part of me that felt like I wasn't worthy of being up on that stage - that there was no way I could look like a figure competitor, that I couldn't be competitive. In retrospect, I think my body was as good as most of the girls that I competed against but my lack of confidence showed through in my posing. I've learnt from that and I know that I will improve next comp. In saying that, its time to get off my butt and train hard!
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