Saturday, October 25, 2008

What The ...?!

I'm not really sure how but I've managed to lose 0.4 kg since yesterday. I went out for dinner with my girlfriends and had a lovely meal and dessert (an extremely delicious carrot, orange and almond cake), I have DOMS in my hamstrings and I had forgotten to weigh myself as soon as I got up and had a glass of water. With all that I really should have gained a little weight but instead there was a loss. Weird.

I had been planning to compete next year but I am starting to wonder if I will be able to manage it. My niece has just gotten engaged and the wedding will be in Perth in September. She has asked both girls to be flowergirls which is exciting for them. We have decided that we would like to spend a couple of weeks over there and have a decent holiday (ie not camping where its just as much work as it is at home for Hubs and I). Also, one of my girlfriends suggested a girls weekend at P!nk when she's touring next year. I would love, love, love to go to that as well. With all that in mind, something has to give and at the moment it looks like it will be competing. I guess I'll decide for sure when it gets a little closer.
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