Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hungover Feeling

I'm feeling like I'm hungover today but I haven't been drunk. I've been struggling this week with drinking enough water which I think is contributing to my 'hangover'. That and not sleeping properly. It has been so humid atm.

Training is going okay. I have been doing the workouts from New Rules of Lifting but I'm getting a little bit bored with it. The stages seem pretty repetitive so I think I'll go back to doing my own thing. I'm really missing training the smaller muscle groups like biceps, triceps etc.

Cardio is nearly non-existant. I seem to make plans but things just get in the way. I was wanting to go bike riding this morning but am giving it a miss. I found a few lame excuses and talked myself out of it. Basically I feel like crap and just couldn't be stuffed. I will try to get out this arv.

Anyway, gotta go. I'm finding it hard to focus today.

Have a great weekend.
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