Saturday, November 08, 2008


I've been flat out over the last week but don't have too much to report. It was Missy T's birthday last week and I was a little behind the 8 ball with regards to organising her party so she is having it this week instead. To keep my sanity I decided to have it at a play centre instead of our house so all I had to do was make the cake. In hindsight I wish I ordered the cake from them as I have spent the morning baking and trying to create a work of art. After much frustration I ended up making a number 6, icing it and then threw some Smarties and sprinkles on it. She thinks its the best cake ever and that's what counts.

Everything is going fairly well on the exercise front. I've had a couple of fantastic sessions where I have increased weights and felt quite strong. I have decided that I really am a morning person. I've had a couple of early starts at work and have trained in the arvo instead. I find that I'm tired and achy from being on my feet all day and really have to push myself to get my workout done. The upside of afternoon workouts is that I can plan pre- and post-training meals which I think contributed to my great workouts. As I train early in the morning I tend not to have anything to eat before my workout - I just can't stomach it. I know a lot of people have protein shakes but they just make me feel nauseous so I rather have nothing. I guess it something that I can play around with.

Anyway, better get the kidlets their lunch and then its off to the party.

Have a great weekend!
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