Thursday, February 05, 2009

So It Begins Again

Translation: To The Tooth Fairy, I was eating and my tooth came out and I swallowed it.

The Tooth Fairy has been sent broke the last couple of weeks with Missy T losing 3 teeth in quick succession. Yesterday she was eating a nectarine and, as the note says, she swallowed her tooth. I thought the note was pretty good for a Grade 1'er (and cute too).

As the title say the rushing around has begun again with the girls starting back at school (Moo in Grade 3 and Missy T in Grade 1) as well as the after school activities. Both girls are going to dancing twice a week and gymnastics once, add to the mix Hub's cricket which include 2 afternoons of training and the game on the weekend. We are both so tired and its only week 2 of the school term (I WANT MY MUMMY BACK). I'm struggling getting to the gym (lucky I have a great set-up at home) and was wondering if its worthwhile having a membership at all. Luckily Hubs was able to get me a good membership price through his work so I'll maintain my membership for the moment and try to make a better effort to get there besides cricket will be finishing up in a couple of months.
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