Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Update

Its been yet another busy week in my world. The girls spent the week down at their Grandparent's so I took the opportunity to spend time at the gym instead of training at home. It made a nice change but I tend to get frustrated with not being able to get on equipment. I thought I made a little bit of headway with the scales but it has been bouncing around a little. Its all good as I am feeling great and that pretty much what counts at the moment.

I took Hubs to the movies on Tuesday night to see "The Boat That Rocked" and absolutely loved it. As I went to the gym in the afternoon we didn't have time to eat before the movie and didn't get out until just after 9 pm. The sad bit was that there were no restaurants open at that time so we had to go to Maccas for dinner instead. We had to laugh as our date night consisted of Cheap Tuesday at the movies and then takeaway ... I know how to woo a man! LOL! It was a lovely night all the same.

Its back to regular programming this week as the little chickies are back home and back to school.
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