Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I've had a great week this week. Training has been fantastic with a small increase in cardio. I don't know but I think I need to do a little extra cardio just to keep my moods even. I think (Hubs may not agree) that I'm a much nicer person after I exercise. The scales still aren't budging but I know I shouldn't stress too much about it. I have gained 6 kg since the comp which is pretty good, I would still be more comfortable if I shed a couple of kilos if only because my pants are a little tight. I dare not weigh myself tomorrow though as I have indulged a little over the weekend. Easter Eggs for breakfast is okay, isn't it?

We took the girls down to the Harbour Festival yesterday where we met up with Moo's best friend. The girls had a fab time with Moo and her friend able to go on some of the bigger kids rides. Missy T isn't much of a thrill seeker so she went on the pony ride and carousel. Then it was back again last night for the fireworks. There is nothing more fun than taking kids to the fireworks. Missy T was absolutely amazed and kept on shouting out that it looked just like pixie dust. We are heading down to my parent's place tomorrow as the kids are spending time down there for the hols - 4 days without children, I'm already planning our date night!
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