Friday, May 15, 2009

The Only Way Is Up (or is it down)

Okay, I'm giving this blog via email a go as I can't get through blogger at work. So na-na-na IT department I've found another way.

All has been good this week. I've missed a couple of walks due to rain and the fact that I had a crappy sleep last night but I have done all my other workouts so I'm happy. I'm continuing on with my consistency theme and trying to be consistent with my food. Lately I have been going great guns through the day only to eat my way through the pantry of a nighttime. The worst night is Wednesday as Mal is at touch footy so I'll sit in front of the TV and eat, surely if no-one sees it the calories don't count ;o) This week I have kept my treats to a minimum but still having my once a week icecream and on the other nights I've been having herbal tea or a hot chocolate made on skim milk. Today I was rewarded with a 1.2 kg loss on the scales which I know is largely fluid but I'll take what I can. The next plan is to get through the weekend. We are going to be out all day tomorrow with the girl's dance festival so I will need to plan my food to take with me. I'll be packing food for the girls to keep the munchies at bay with they are backstage anyway so its no big effort. Here's to another busy but fun weekend!
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