Monday, May 11, 2009

Today Was Brought To You By The Letter C

For Consistency! Yep, I had fallen into that trap for young players (even though this player is not so young) by getting into that cycle of training like a demon, crash and burning by the end of the week, eating whatever and blowing off my training because I was tired, beating myself up for being lazy and starting the whole thing again. Then I would beat myself up again because I should know better. This week is all about consistency and to achieve that I will be taking baby steps. There are a few changes I need to make. Firstly is my program. I grabbed a program off the net and have been doing that over the last couple of months. Now I'm not bagging this program - its actually quite a good one - but I don't think it really suits me or my schedule. Now I'm nearing the end and I'm actually worse than when I started it. This has been a learning curve because at the end of the day I am the only one at the moment who knows when I can and can't train and for how long. Anyway, this weeks goal is to get my workouts in and make them count and make sure I end the week on a high.
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