Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Stuff

Whew, what a weekend. I reminded Mal yesterday how a year ago I was up on the stage at the comp. This year we were sitting watching our girls on stage. Yesterday we had the girls dance festival and what a huge day it was. The morning started at 9 am and finished around 8 pm but it was fantastic to see them up them up there. Moo had 5 dances in total, 4 group dances and 1 solo. I was incredibly proud when she came 3rd in her solo as she was dancing against more experienced girls but to be honest I am equally as proud of the effort of getting up on stage. Missy T also came 3rd in her solo and she looked absolutely gorgeous as Little Bo Peep. It was so cute as she was as excited for her friends coming 2nd and 1st as she was getting the ribbon for 3rd.

Friday I got some biopsies done on a few suspect moles. Nothing too drastic with only one stitch in each site but the nurse has suggested taking it easy in case the sutures break. I will still be able to do cardio and leg work as the biopsies were done on my face, shoulder and back. Mind you I haven't had much time this weekend for any thought of exercise, I think we have spent a total of 5 minutes at home all weekend. Food has been okay, I could have been better but I know it also could have been a lot worse.
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