Thursday, July 30, 2009

Working Smarter

Years ago at work the buzz words were that we should work smarter not harder. Today I was reminded of that phrase while doing my cardio on the elliptical. One of the guys came up to a lady nearby and was talking about competing, telling her that she should be on 50 g of carbs to ensure she gets lean enough for an upcoming comp. My jaw nearly dropped and it took all my power to not say something. I don't profess to be an expert on comp prep and really don't want to force my limited knowledge on others but that seemed like such a low number. Of course when I got home I checked my macros on Cal King - I was about double that, somedays more. No wonder she was saying that she felt spaced out. All I could think was that my prep was a lot more about working smarter - sure I consumed more carbs but I also had intense cardio sessions (I still have nightmares about suicide sprints) that burnt the fat off. I guess there are so many different ways to lean out but I think I'll take the way I did it thank you very much.
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