Saturday, August 01, 2009

There Is No Pre Season

I saw this shirt on the Missfit Clothing Website and just had to have it. It pretty much sums up where my head is at at the moment.
I gave my training a miss yesterday as Miss Moo was up half the night which of course meant I had to play catch up today. I kicked off this morning with hill sprints and I took my training partner (the dog) along with me. It always make me laugh as the first few sprints he circles me and jumps up and down but by the end he lags behind and I have to coax him along. Its good because it makes me forget how stuffed I am. I finished my training with some leg training at home - I had almost forgotten about my love/hate relationship with my BOSU.
Today's challenge is going to the movies with the kidlets and staying away from the popcorn.
Have a great weekend!

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