Thursday, November 26, 2009

Concert Week

I survived our yearly horror week which is the week that leads up to the girls concert. Daily rehearsals, some going to 7:30 to 8 pm, meant that any idea of normal routine went out the window. But we got through the week with minimal damage and I even managed a couple of runs plus a balance class. Of course the concert went well, the girls did a fantastic job and I was tremendously proud of them both. Moo has improved so much over the last year and she got up on that stage and looked so confident, considering she had a couple of meltdowns in the weeks leading up to the concert I was especially proud of her for not giving up and more importantly enjoying the day. Both girls were awarded with certificates, Moo got highest ballet mark as well as highest theory for her class and Missy T got highest tap as well as highest theory - that was my proud Mum moment.

The girls in their jazz costumes

Anyway now that that's out the way it time to get back into routine - well as much as I can at this time of year :o)
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