Saturday, February 13, 2010

Body Image Issues At 9

Miss Moo has her sleepover tonight and when the girls were getting changed into their PJ's I overheard her say that her body looks awful when she's naked. Its so sad that at 9 she already has body image issues. I tell both my girls that they are beautiful and that if they eat a balanced diet and throw in some exercise they will be what they will be. People are all different shapes and sizes. But lately she has become a little bit hung up on it, constantly saying she is chubby. She is not a skinny kid unlike Missy T who is more like me (at 7 she can still where size 3 clothes) but she is not obese by any means but because she gains weight easily - as I have noticed over the Christmas break - she is going to have to watch her food and make sure she gets some exercise but that should be the same for any child even if she is overweight or not.
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