Sunday, April 18, 2010

Triathlon Done!

Well I got through it and today I'm a feeling a little sore and sorry for myself. I had great intentions on Friday to cook myself a high carb healthy meal on Friday night but it just didn't happen. We usually have friends come over for drinkies so the evening's meal was buffalo wings and cracker and cheese plus a couple of cups of coffee. Not exactly the best the night before an 'event'. I woke earlier than I had anticipated and because it was dark I decided to do my DVD first up and then Moss and I went for our run. I thought I did okay getting it done in around 1hr 13 min considering the longest I have ever run outside was about 6km. Poor Mossy was shattered and I had to drag him along toward the end. Once I got home I had a quick drink and then got on my bike. It was around 7 km to the soccer field and I was feeling pretty good. While Missy T was playing I gobbled down an apple and a 'Vitamin Water'. I knew the trip home was predominantly uphill and it was starting to get a bit windy - I was so hoping for a tailwind! The ride home was tough. My bike is an el-cheapo 'mountain' bike from K-mart - it can get so disheartening when there are people flying past on their flash road bikes. I took a longer route home and about 3/4 of the way through I was swearing like a wharfie. Riding uphill into the wind does that. More than once I thought about ringing Mal to come pick me up. I would talk myself into just getting to the top of the hill and by the time I got there I would then try to get to the next roundabout. I can really understand why there have been bike riders run into the back of parked cars as I had my head down not really watching where I was going a few times. I finally made it to the bottom of our hill and got off and walked the bike up. Mal was on the veranda cheering me on. Of course, when I got upstairs I chased the girls for hugs. The bike ride took around 1hr 30 min to complete. Overall, I burnt 1033 calories (and then proceeded to eat about 3000)

Now that it's done I have no desire to repeat the experience. I know we will be toward the end of the challenge which I will do because it is part of the program but I don't think I enjoyed it that much. I think it would be more rewarding if it were a fun run or a proper event - not just me going out by myself (and the dog). On a positive note, I would never have even thought to try doing something like this so the program has really pushed me outside my comfort zone and that is a good thing.
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