Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 8 Weigh in and Measurements

I have put in Saturday's weight this week as it's TTOM and I've had a bit of bloating. I'm sure it will drop down again by the end of the week. Overall results (since the start of the 12 weeks) are:

Weight: -2.5 kg
Chest: -2 cm
Waist: -6.5 cm
Hips: -6 cm
Right Thigh: -4 cm
Left Thigh: -3.5 cm
Time trial: -20 sec
Push ups: +7 (all boy pushups this time)
Wall sit: +2 min 15 sec
Abs: = (I'm at the highest level so nowhere to go)
Sit and reach: +2 cm

I was a little disappointed with the monthly results but I really don't have much to lose and therefore can't expect massive changes. It looks a bit more impressive when you look at the overall stats.
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