Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Week 9 Weigh In

Lowest at the end of last week again at 51.9 kg. I had a doozy of a weekend, baked some Anzac bickies which were way too yummy. I refuse to become a food nazi which means I tend to sneak yummies every now and then. Again I will say this is a lifestyle change which to me means I can have treats occasionally but not eat the whole tray (or the batter like a normally do).

I took Mossy to the vet for his vaccinations on Friday and he has gained 2 kg since last year. It's time to drag him out for a walk even if he doesn't want to plus do a bit more outdoor/footy field training. I also need to stop him from eating all the cat biscuits - he has a habit of sneaking into the house to nick off with the cat food. More than once I have caught him creeping back outside with the cat's bowl in his mouth. Naughty boy!
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