Friday, May 21, 2010


I was just looking back to 2005 and comparing my measurements with the start of my second Body Blitz. Of course, they most probably weren't taken in exactly the same place but it is interesting to compare.


Weight: 50.0 kg
Chest: 76.2
Waist (at bellybutton): 68 cm
Hips: 93.6 cm
Thigh: 53 cm


Weight: 51.3 kg
Chest: 76.5 cm
Waist (at bellybutton): 67 cm
Hips: 94 cm
Right Thigh: 51 cm
Left Thigh: 52 cm

I'm in a very similar place - a little bit heavier but also smaller in most areas with exception of my hips (mind you 0.4 cm is pretty insignificant). Does that mean I have gained some muscle? I'll have to have a look through my old paperwork and see how it compares to 12 weeks with Liz.
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