Monday, May 17, 2010

Proud Mummy Moment #1,234,612

Every concert I say the same thing. I winge and bitch about costumes and extra rehearsals, having to deal with the meltdowns of not being able to remember the dances at rehearsals and when the big day arrives and I see the girls on stage dancing up a storm I forget all the crappy bits. The girls danced so well and I can see such a massive improvement even since concert which was only in November. Moo had to dance her solo against girls that were in the next grade up and she earned herself a couple of highly commended ribbons. She also got several second places in the tap, jazz, contemporary and character group dances and first in their National dance. Missy T got first place in her solo and group Demi Character/Character. Their cat and mice dance was soooooo good, we were gobsmacked at how well they all danced and got into their characters. She got third in her tap solo and group and jazz group and second in National. She then got an Encouragement Trophy for junior tap, she looked pleased as punch with herself. Here are a couple of photos.

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