Friday, May 14, 2010

Week 11 Review

A bit up and down this week which was mostly due to PMT. I also had some highs and lows with my training. I started the week with an awesome boxing session on Monday evening, I really didn't want to go but once I was there I got into it and smashed 450 calories and I've finished the week being able to do a few unassisted chin-ups. My strength has really suffered over the last year and it feel nice to get some back. The rest of the week I have struggled getting my workouts completed due to my own procrastination and my addiction to Facebook and Twitter.

I was a little disappointed with the video's on the program this week. We were promised a live chat where we can ask questions but it didn't happen, normally I wouldn't have too much of an issue but I actually had something to ask which I had put on the forum previously and hasn't been answered. She did put up a pre-recorded message about maintenance which I found kind of useful. In reality, it is trial and error. The mistakes I have made in the past has been to take the foot off the pedal in my training too much and have too many treats. Not rocket science really.
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