Monday, June 21, 2010

Back Again

I'm back to reality after an awesome weekend at the Gold Coast. My niece had her birthday celebration at Dracula's which was absolutely fantastic. Dracula's has always been something that I would drive past when down at the Coast and wonder what it would be like but never actually go. It was an amazing show and we had a fabulous night - waaaaaay too many cocktails though.

Here I am after another weekend of too much grog and bad food saying it's time to put my head down and start getting serious about this comp prep/challenge. Mal asked me yesterday why I was doing this comp, if I'm in it to win it. I answered that while winning isn't everything, I aim to place as if I aimed lower I wouldn't do the work I need to do to get to the stage but I wonder if I'm sabotaging myself. Last prep, nothing was standing in my way and there was no way I would be tempted by Mal or the kids eating chips or other treats. Weekends continue to be my Achille's heel and I am regularly snacking on junk. Is it because I worked my arse off last time, only to be totally ignored once on stage? Maybe there is something deep down inside that wonders what is the point, that I will give them a reason to overlook me. All I know is that I have to get my head in the game sooner rather than later.
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