Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Rambling

I'm in a much better spot this week, very likely due to the arrival of TTOM last week. I've been training hard and eating well but not restricting yet. I was talking to the girls at work about competing in September and after bringing in photos to show them that fire in my belly returned. I feel like I have unfinished business and I'm not talking about a trophy on the mantlepiece but there is so much room for improvement that I will always wonder if I could do better if I don't compete now.

This weekend was a much better one foodwise. I managed to put Lucy my inner labrador on her leash and was happy to see my weight drop down to 50.8 kg yesterday - it is back up to 51.3 kg today as Malcolm made is divine apple crumble last night and I had to have a taste :o)
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