Monday, July 26, 2010

8 Weeks To Go

I have been looking at previous posts from my last comp, at 8 weeks out I am around the same weight as last time. My weight has been bouncing around the last week but I think that is due to playing around with my carbs as well as not drinking enough water. Yet another thing I am good with all week and once the weekend comes around I slacken off.

I had a lovely weekend. Missy T had an 8 am game of soccer which meant no sleep in for me as I still had to get up to do my Super Saturday Sesh which was The Pain Cave DVD and then a further 30 minutes on the bike. Saturday afternoon I went with a girlfriend to see 'Eclipse' in the Gold Room and then Saturday night the kids and I watched Karate Kid while Mal went out. On Sunday, I got all my jobs done and then we went out to the car wash to use the hydrobath for Mossy and also washed the car. Then it was to the park to take Moss for a walk while Moo walked with me and Missy T rode her scooter. Mal was playing 20/20 cricket so the girls and I decided to grab some icecreams and watch cricket for a bit. Mal had finished playing but it was lovely sitting there with him soaking up some rays. The girls had a blast with the other kids that were there so when I started getting cold and wanted to go home I left them there with their Dad and I got some precious alone time watching the new series of True Blood. It was a great weekend :o)
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