Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It was bound to happen. Both Missy T and Moo have had a tummy bug recently and the lovely little dears have passed it onto me. Nice of them to share with their Mummy! Don't they realise I don't have time to be sick? On the plus side, I lost another 100 g since the weekend making my weight at 48.1 kg this morning. Maybe not the best way to lose weight though ;o)

The girls had their ballet exams yesterday and Mal had to take the day off work for which I am eternally grateful. Both girls were very happy with how they performed which was a total relief. I get so frustrated with their ballet teacher as she has this habit of getting Moo (Missy T has fun no matter what she does) into such a state prior to their exams. I don't get why a teacher would tell a kid that that the examiner is really strict and she is going to fail, it seems to go against the reason you put your kids into sport; to build self-esteem and confidence. I think it's time to try another sport or maybe go to another school. It's a shame as she loves to dance.
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