Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Up and At 'Em

I have recovered quite well from the bug and was back training yesterday. This week's goal is to get into the 47s which I am reasonably confident in achieving as long as I keep eating clean and training hard. Funny how the fear of getting up on stage in an itty-bitty bikini scares you into declining junk food and working out even when you don't really feel like it. My plan is to try and fit in as much incidental exercise as I can which will include getting up away from my desk as much as I can. Mind you, the many trips to the upstairs toilet has got to burn some calories.
I have been starting work early the last couple of days and yesterday the girls came with me while I took Mossy for a walk in the afternoon instead of the usual a.m. walk. While my heartrate didn't get up that high I really enjoyed that precious time with my kids. We spent the time chatting away about their day and even got into religion and other subjects. As a parent that works fulltime I often fall into the trap of not having the time to really talk and listen to them. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.
Not much else to report, Vera the Ab Vein has popped up again which is both exciting and just a little bit freaky. Also, I will be taking progress pics and taking measurements on the weekend to mark the end of the Tom Venuto Challenge. My Body Fat % will be done tomorrow at the gym. It should be interesting to see the improvement there.
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