Friday, August 27, 2010


Yesterday I got my body fat measured at my gym. Now, I didn't get this done at all last time so I have no way of comparing where I'm sitting now as opposed to then. I honestly find it hard to find the time to get these sort of things done. I also want to add that I had it done at the place I do my Fitbox using the gadget where they stick an electrode onto your foot and wrist (bioelectrical impedance??) a couple of months ago and the result was 17%. I didn't go back to her this time because it was difficult for us to get a time that suited both of us, instead I went to my normal gym which has the added bonus of being complimentary for members.

I noticed as I was getting changed to go last night that I was looking very soft, my abs had all but disappeared and Vera was nowhere to be seen. I'm not sure if it was because I had a late smoko due to having a parent-teacher interview in the afternoon. This time my percentage was measured using skinfolds. I know I should have gone to the other place as it was going to be like comparing apples to oranges but then isn't it all just working out body fat - I didn't think there would that much of a difference. Imagine my face when she calculated it out to be 22%!! She double-checked her numbers with one of the gadgety things where you hold onto it and press a button which confirmed her number. Of course my leg measurement was quite high, especially when compared to other competitors at the gym. FUCKING LEGS! I was so upset. I mean, if you look at the charts 22% is not 'very lean', it's not even 'lean', it IS 'average'. I can't be 'AVERAGE' when I get up on stage!!!!! And I only have 3 weeks to go! As far as meltdowns go, is was fairly minor. I got my training done even if I was in robot mode and even got to go to Body Balance after for a bit of stretching and meditation. I had a bit of a sook when I got home and then weighed and prepped my meals for today even though I wanted to eat my weight in chocolate. I figure that getting this measurement done is just another tool but, like the scales, it is not the be all. I'll just keep on slogging away and see how I go. On a bright note, my weight is sitting at 47.7 kg. Yay!
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