Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings

I know a lot of people like the way they look leading up to comp. Me, not so much ... well not so much how I look but how I feel. It hurts to sit on our wooden dining chairs as well as lying on the floor either on my back or tummy at Body Balance. I feel like a bag of bones - I need a bit of fat for comfort. Shame you can't order where it goes back when I'm off season. My weight has spiked a little this week due to a few extra carbs on the weekend. The plus-side was my workouts have been awesome - over 760 cals burnt on Monday. Last week I felt depleted and was pretty much running on empty and as a result my workouts were half-arsed at best. I'm looking forward to post comp when I am eating increased calories - all healthy food, of course -and training at optimum.

Talking of food - it's time to eat! Yay! My favourite time of the day!
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