Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Another Day Down

Yesterday wasn't perfect but I had planned it that way. We had pizza at work for the cup and I decided to join in for a change. While it was nice, I spent the rest of the day burping and feeling like a camel with the amount of water I was retaining. This ole bod has decided it doesn't like that sort of food anymore.

There was no snacking in the afternoon even though I was really low in energy (that's when I start reaching for the nibbles) but I think that was mainly due to having to do my weight training when I got home from picking up Missy T from dancing so I pretty much didn't have time to snack before dinner.

Today I have prepped silverside for dinner which will be ready when I get home from Moo's dance lesson, all I have to do is the veggies. Man, I love my slowcooker. It's a shame the girls don't like curries or casseroles otherwise I would use it more often.
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