Monday, November 15, 2010

Done For Another Year

I'm kind of glad my scales are on the blink as I am a little afraid to weigh myself after the weekend I just had ... but it was fun. On Saturday, I went to an afternoon tea as a fundraiser for a local kindy. It was nice to get all dressed up and have a day with some girlfriends.

Sunday was the concert which, of course, was lovely. They are so beautiful on stage and their faces show so much joy when performing. Missy T got an award for the highest theory mark for the school which I thought was pretty impressive. So that's dancing done for another year. I'm going to have to think of ways to keep the girls active over the holidays - particularly Moo as she needs to be pushed to exercise and also has a tendency to gain weight quite easily. I'm sure we can visit the park heaps and Mal might take them down to the nets for some cricket practice. Here are some pics from the weekend but please excuse the hair, the photos were taken prior to hair and makeup.
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