Monday, November 29, 2010

A Little Whinge

Today I'm feeling a little down (nothing major) and in keeping with the 'warts and all' mindset, I have decided to blog about it.

The worst part of post comp is the feeling of aimlessness. For months I have been totally focused on logging and weighing food, calculating cals in and cals out all to make sure I was in tip top condition when I got up on stage in a teensy bikini. Now that that goal has been achieved, it is a case of 'where to from here?' I have to admit I have always been a late bloomer and this is no different. Most people go through the post comp low straight after but I tend to go through it after a few months. I'm not sure if it is because my weight stays pretty stable for a while afterwards or it just takes time for me to come down from the high of competing. It may also be due to having new DVDs and program to play with. I don't know but I guess I'll just roll with it. I'm taking the positives out of it and can gladly say that I am still exercising and diet hasn't been too bad - I'm just going through a bit of rebellious stage of not wanting to prep anything so we have had a couple of dinners of egg and soldiers in the last week.
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