Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week 4

Wow! It's already the end of week 4. Where did that time go?? This week we had to do our measurements, fitness test and 'mini-milestone'. The stats so far are:

Weight: -900 g (an increase of 700 g from the previous week)
Chest: -0.5 cm (BOO!)
Waist: -2.5 cm
Hips: -2.8 cm
Right Thigh: -1 cm
Left Thigh: -1.5 cm

Fitness test
1 km time trial: -26 secs
Push ups: no change
Wall sit: +1min 44 sec
Ab stage: no change
Sit and reach: +1.5 cm

According to the program the mini-milestone event is a 1-3 hour event that symbolises how far we've come. Alternatively, we could follow a workout that was laid out for us and try to get it done in the allotted time. I decided to go to an oval that was close by and do the outdoor workout which was made up of several 400 m runs with mountain climbers, pushups, burpees and sumo squats in between each run. Unfortunately, I didn't realise there would be a soccer game on (you think they would realise that I would need the oval!) so went to a park nearby. That made Missy T happy as she could play while I was exercising. I'm not sure if I ran 400 m but I wasn't too concerned as I got a good workout and that is pretty much what counted.

Overall the program is going well. I haven't really been following the meal plan as we go shopping on Wednesday and the program is released on Thursday but I'm confident that I can get my nutrition right (it would be pretty sad if at this point of my fitness experiences if I couldn't figure it out for myself).

There's a thread in the forum for people to post pics of their upper body ... here's my latest pic
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