Sunday, July 24, 2011

SSS and other stuff

Last week we had our second mini-milestone. As I said in my previous post, it was a fail on my behalf so I attempted it again this weekend. The workout was aptly named "Read 'em and Weep" and consisted of 5 rounds of 30 reps of things like walking lunges, burpees, step ups, clap push-ups to name a few. It was a killer workout and after much procrastination I made a start and got the job done. Here is a photo after each round:

You can see the photos get that little bit blurrier as I progressed through the rounds and got a little shaky! LOL!

The rest of the weekend has been quite busy (as usual) with soccer and yesterday afternoon I took the girls to see Harry Potter in 3D. Today has been taken up with trying to get this Training and Assessment Cert IV finished off once and for all. This is something I was asked to do for work and to be honest I have hated every second of it. As a result I procrastinated doing it and have had to rush getting it completed as I have run out of time. I should have it finished when I get back to work tomorrow and I'm looking forward to my Sunday's being filled with spending precious time with my family again.
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