Tuesday, September 27, 2011

12wbt Week 2 Blogging Challenge - A Picture of Health?

This week's challenge is A Picture Of Health?

A couple of months ago my eldest daughter asked me on the way to school what she had to do to get skinny like me.  She has again been teased for being a little bit bigger.  I got to work and burst into tears (may have been a little bit pre-menstral that day) as it was upsetting that she was being picked on for not being little.  This is a girl who is gorgeous (I may be a little bit biased) and while she has some 'baby fat' and maybe a little overweight she is definitely not obese.  This discussion I had with her was that I don't like the word diet.  If a person eats a balanced diet (and, yes, to me that includes a little bit of dirt) and exercises that person will be the right weight for them.  Being a size 6 or looking like you should be a fitness model shouldn't be the ideal ... just be the best version of yourself.  I also added that as a family we very rarely get sick.  It seems like everyone around us is dropping like flies and we keep on keeping on and when we do get sick we recover fairly quickly.  For me a picture of health is not a certain weight or size of clothing, it's not about what your BMI is or body fat %, it's about having energy and being full of vitality.  It's about wanting to be out there and enjoying what life has to offer.
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