Saturday, February 11, 2012

Opened a Can of Worms

Apparently this is ugly
Over the last week people have been putting their transformations on the 12wbt Facebook Page.  The Lean and Strong program is under represented on the page so I decided to post my comparison pics ... after all the program is supposed to cater for everyone.  Minutes after uploading the photos I got a comment of 'how can you think this looks good' and when I asked the commenter to explain what they meant she deleted it.  And then I got another person's comment saying that I need a good feed (or something along those lines) and how Mish would agree with her because can't you see my ribs sticking out in the second photo.  Ummmm .... that's muscle, Love!  I think it's sad that someone who is healthy and fit is considered underweight and disgusting.  I also think it's sad that people think they can comment on people's weight regardless of them being big or small.  I guess if I didn't want critisism I shouldn't post on that page but I honestly did it because I  like the L&S program and there are loads of people out there who are at a happy weight but are looking for a program that suits them.  Round 2 has started today.  Yes, there is another one where I have been called 'f***ing ugly'.  I would take the photos down but there is part of me that thinks stuff them, I have every right to put my photos up there as much as the overweight people do.  I'm proud of the muscle I have built and shouldn't be made to feel any different.
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