Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dance Festival Weekend

It's that time for our annual Dance Festival.  It is like an Eisteddfod but is for the local kids and is therefore a lot smaller (and a little 'nicer').  The girls are dancing in 2 dances each this year.  Missy T was first up with her demi character dance, 'On a Picnic'.  She did a Steven Bradbury and with a withdrawl from the other competitor took out first place.  She was in the 9 and 10 year old group for her tap and, by the looks of it, was the youngest competitor.  She earned herself a Highly Commended.
Missy T Demi Character
Missy T Tap

Moo performed her jazz today.  She was one of 9 competitors with a few that were quite high standard.  Unfortunately today she didn't come home with a ribbon but she danced the best I have ever seen her dance and got some good comments from the adjudicator.  She was pretty disappointed she didn't place and when I went backstage to get her she burst into tears.  Me, being the big sook I am, started to get teary as well but not because I was disappointed but because I was so proud of her performance (plus I hate seeing my baby sad).  She put in a lot of work in the lead up to this and it showed because she nailed the dance.  Tomorrow is contemporary which is a beautiful piece to the song from Pocahontas.  She's up against the same girls she danced against today so I seriously doubt she will place again but she is a winner in my eyes.

Moo Jazz

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