Saturday, April 14, 2012


This week I decided to give Crossfit a go.  I had heard mixed reviews on it but I felt like I needed to make up my own mind about it.  To be honest, I was terrified as I had seen a few videos on Youtube and I reverted to that kid who was always no good at sports.  To give me a better idea and to ensure I had the right technique I booked in for a one-on-one Introductory Session.  After a quick chat, we got into a few of the basic moves.  I was pretty pleased to say that he was very impressed with my squats and compared me to one of the elite women with regard to my squat technique.  We also went through front squats, deadlifts and push-press.  After that we did a basic workout of 15 deadlifts, 10 thrusters and 50 skips.  The worst part was the skipping .... I really need to work on my pelvic floor muscles o_O

It was a great experience and they guys were so positive and encouraging.  I can see it being a fun addition to my normal training and I think I will enjoy working around a group of people again.
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