Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Update Time

Well, we are in Week 8 of the 12wbt.  I have my 12wbt blog which I put my updates on and not bore everyone with weigh-ins etc.  I had a look back at an old post from Week 8 in Round 2 and I was going through exactly the same things that I am going through now; not feeling like I'm getting anywhere, a spike in my weight, no changes anywhere, tired and grumpy.  It seems that my cycle tends to fit in with the monthly milestones so I know that is the reason for all these feelings but I find it interesting that I can almost predict how my emotions are week by week.  I'm also wondering if the 12wbt is for me ... or any 'transformation' type program is for that matter.  I don't care about my fitness tests or measurements and compulsory weigh-ins.  Time to find a program that is just for fun with no pressure.
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