Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beyond The 12 Weeks

I loved the lean and strong.  It challenged me and I got some great results.  I do, however, have some issues with it.  The blurb from the fact sheet is "The program would be well suited to anyone thinking of entering a body shaping competition."  Going from some people's after photos, they could step on stage as is with no further prep.  They look absolutely fantastic.  My problem is they comp prepped without a coach, without someone who can guide them 'post event'.  How are these people going to cope with the mind-fuck of post comp?  Or is there an expectation that this is their physique now?  Maybe it is, maybe their body can maintain low body fat.  I wouldn't believe that it could but, then, I'm no expert.  I hope it doesn't sound like sour-grapes on my behalf, because that isn't my intention, I'm genuinely concerned for their well being.  It's hard enough to deal with all that with a great coach and with forewarning.  I mean, everyone who competes is told about post-comp but I'm sure these guys are clueless.  I'm not sure how to broach the subject with people I don't know.  Ideas?
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