Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting It Right

Recently Liz wrote a very timely blog with the title of "Leave that ego at the door – the performance enhancement edition"  As I continue on my fitness journey I often get reminded of just that.  For me it's a fine line of believing in my own abilities and pushing myself to beyond what my mind tells me I'm capable of without losing my form.  I have a tendency to stay with weights I know I can lift as I don't trust that I can do it but there are also the times when I have pushed myself before I was ready.  This week I have worked on my shoulder presses with a combo of strict press, push press and push jerks.  For the life of me I couldn't seem to 'get' the push jerk, granted I was fatigued by the time I got to them but I seem to lose the explosive movement and would try and push the weight up instead.  As I looked around I could see the other girls lifting more than me and while this stung a little (considering I was pushing more in the strict press) I kept my weight low and worked with the trainer to get my technique right.  I must have done something right as I have had DOMS from that session.
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