Friday, June 29, 2012

Doncha Just Love It

Last night I had another Skype session with Lisa.  I settled down to the computer a few minutes before to ensure everything was working okay and to make sure I wasn't late.  We had invited my parent's over for a quick takeaway dinner prior as they have been looking after the kids over the school holidays.  So as I set myself up for my session, my girls went for a shower and as per last week they decided to have a fight, Hubby was yelling at them to be quiet and my mother picked that time clean out the fridge.  I'm not really sure why she did this but she had the fridge door open and it was beeping as a warning.  She was also putting things on our cooktop so it was beeping too. FFS!!!  Luckily it had all settled down by the time the session started.

Anyway, I had sorted out my sound issues that I had the previous week and I was happy with the session I had.  I'm looking forward to getting to the gym next week and giving it all a whirl.
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