Thursday, June 14, 2012

Skinny Girls

This picture was posted in a Facebook group that I'm in and I have to admit I really dislike it on so many levels.

1. I have never been overweight, the heaviest I have been was 58 kg, so does that make me naturally skinny?  Maybe I'm being overly sensitive but, to me, it seems like it is saying that if you are petite you are some sort of weakling compared to someone who has had to 'work for it'.  I like to think I hold my own in the gym.  I know I may not be the strongest person, but who gives a toss really, I know I work to the best of my abilities and I often finish my workout proud of how I have trained.

2. Is there such a thing as naturally skinny?  As I have never been overweight I guess people assume I'm naturally thin but I have always exercised and had a fairly balanced diet.  I can't get away with now with what I did in my teens and early 20's (I'm talking takeaway, chockies and alcohol) but, in saying that, I also had loads of the good stuff too.  I guess my point is that while I do have some okay genetics, I've also had to work hard for what I have.  If I didn't watch what I eat and exercise I doubt I would be naturally thin.

3.  But my main issue is with the word skinny.  Perhaps I perceive the term skinny as a negative thing but I don't aspire to look skinny but to look fit and healthy.
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