Monday, June 18, 2012

Yet Another Crazy Weekend

It was yet another busy weekend in our household and there is a part of me that is looking forward to the kids school holidays coming up.  I won't be able to take time off but at least it doesn't seem quite as hectic as normal. 

Saturday was hectic but I love it that way.  It kicks off with 7 am Crossfit and I was introduced to wall balls in this WOD.  I can safely say that they are up there with some of my most disliked exercises.  Halfway through the WOD I felt like I was going to cry - particularly when quite a few wall balls were discounted as I didn't reach the mark - but I was pleased that I got through the whole session.  I have discovered that often my coping mechanism when I feel like I've had enough is to laugh and make jokes which I guess doesn't help with the whole 'need to breathe' thing but I think whatever gets me through the workout.

After my training, I got home and had a feed of oats and then it was out again to take Missy T to the library.  That kid churns through books so quickly, I swear the librarians will know us by name soon.  It is great to hear her giggling in the back of the car as she reads one of the Andy Griffiths books. 

After a bit of shopping we headed home for lunch and I managed to get a nanna nap in before we had to go out again for Mal's touch footy finals.  Unfortunately they weren't winners this year but it was a pretty tight game against much younger opponents.  I decided it was best to let him enjoy a few drinks with his mates and came home and snuggled up in bed with my book.

The girls have been having extra dance lessons to prepare them for their upcoming exams so Sundays have become dancing days.  I have a little look through the 2-way mirror to their class and I have to say that I'm often impressed with how well all the girls in the class dance.  The girls in the class have been dancing together for several years and they really have gone from being babies to looking like dancers.

Overall, a busy but rather enjoyable weekend.
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