Friday, June 22, 2012

Strength Training

I recently contacted Lisa from Women's Strength Coach to work more on my technique.  I love weight training but want to ensure I'm doing the right thing to prevent injuries, particularly as I am not getting any younger.  I have been lucky with regards to injuries but I think the last round of the 12wbt, Crossfit and the fact that my job has me sitting for most of the day has taken it's toll and I'm continuing to have a couple of issues with my hips.

My session was last night and was done via Skype.  I had set Skype up on my computer the previous weekend and thought I had it all okay but unfortunately, while the picture was great, Lisa was unable to hear me so there must be a microphone issue there.  I turned to my trusty Motorola Xoom for back-up.  The picture quality wasn't as good and her picture kept on freezing so not exactly ideal and because of that we didn't go through my posture and only went over my squat technique.  Once she made a few corrections I could feel an immediate difference.

It was a great experience and am looking forward to next week's session.  I have a tendency to get really nervous about this sort of thing as I have this belief that I will be really bad at it and will make a fool of myself.  Like my Crossfit experience, I have realised that I don't suck at all.
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