Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Rambling

On Sunday, I watched the INBA All Females online.  Looking at the awesome physiques started that itch to don the sparkly bikini and stripper heels again.  I posted this in one of the Facebook groups I'm part of and when egged on to do it I then said that my family couldn't cope.  In reality my family could deal with it all but I'm not sure about me.  When I listed what puts me off, it made me realise again why I don't really want go back again.  I'm happy making fitness part of my life without it taking over.  I love having the choice of skipping the gym and joining my kids in Wii Just Dance or a bike ride.  I love the fact that I exercise because I love it and not because I have too.  I love what competing has taught me, it taught me that I am strong and capable, that I can achieve goals and I can overcome fears and now it's time to keep moving forward.
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