Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Toys

Michelle Bridges has a new clothing and fitness line which is being sold at Big W.  I may seem like a bit of a tragic but I ducked in to have a quick squizzy at her new range to see what it was like.  The clothing is actually quite nice with great colours and fit quite well although Hubby said that he could see the tag through the leggings so I think I will have to be wary what underwear I wear underneath it.  It will be interesting to see how it washes but they were comfortable to train in and the shirt length was longer and therefore didn't ride up showing my tummy.

While I was there I also purchased one of her barbells.  It is fairly light-weight with 2 x 3 kg weights and 2 x 2 kg (10 kg all up) and will be perfect for the times I'm doing a DVD or drop sets when I need a mix of heavy and lighter weights.  It also came with a workout DVD which I used yesterday.  I somehow managed to con Mal into doing the DVD with me (I have decided that he needs to go on a health kick) and gave him the barbell while I used my old one.  The DVD was actually pretty good, 35 minutes of a circuit-style progam with weights, cardio and core.  It definitely got the heartrate up and I may have overestimated what I could lift having to pause the DVD to drop the weights.  Mal had to modify some of the exercises but he did really well.  He is such a boy though and is totally unco - I tried not to pay out on him too much.  I would definitely do the DVD again as it's a great short and sharp workout.  I enjoy circuit-style DVDs as I know once I get through a certain exercise I won't have to revisit again which makes it a bit more bearable.

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