Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Tuesday Rambling

I have realised that without the Photo-A-Day I have very little to contribute to my blog.  I have decided to have some more concrete goals to head toward and they include 100 kg deadlifts, 55 kg squats, 30 kg strict press but I also want to learn how to do handstands so I can do handstand pushups.  Would you believe that I have never, EVER been able to do a handstand?  Like everything else in life it takes practice and I know that I will get there.

Another round of the 12wbt has been completed and the emails have gone out to the top 20.  While I'm always stoked for those that are the winners I struggle with reading the disappointment from those that didn't quite make it.  Like bodybuilding competitions, it's not about having a shiny trophy but more about seeing the challenge through to the end. 
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