Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Back Again

Last week we went to Elliott Heads for a little break away.  The thing we love about going there is that there is not much to do there and all day to do it.  There is nothing quite like going to bed at 8 pm and having nanna naps after a day at the beach.  I packed my workout gear and got a couple of good workouts in but at the same time I didn't stress too much if I felt like sitting around with a couple of wines instead.  I have found that I need to at least go walking as my hips give me curry if I don't move enough.  As much as I love going camping, it is always nice to get home again to my routine (particularly with my food).

A few of my online buddies have returned for another round of the 12wbt and are heading to the finale in November.  As they can take a +1, there was talk of a bit of a reunion with the 2011 Round 3 Lean and Strong team so I have decided to head down there for the weekend.  I'm so excited as I have never met these people in real life but we have shared so much since doing our round together.  I have booked my tickets and we are looking at accomodation to share ... it should be an awesome weekend.
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