Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Riding the Wave

I feel like I'm on top of that wave at the moment.  Last week I stepped back from lifting heavier to focus more on technique.  Strangely enough, my Crossfit training did the same thing which was a weird coincidence.  I realised that my 'light' is actually heavier than previously and I was really happy with my form.  I learnt a few new things.  The first of these was goanna crawls.  Wow, these suckers are tough and I was pretty unco when I tried them.  I have since tried them at home and have improved on these although I have to work on keeping my butt down.  The next new thing I learnt was clean and jerk.  These were not with a split stance which was a little easier as I had learnt the clean and the jerk was pretty much a push press.  Again I had some unco moments, particularly when we started 'Grace' but once I got into the groove it seemed more natural.

Although it's scary moving out of my comfort zone and trying new things I'm enjoying where it's taking me.  After the frustration a few weeks ago I'm finally starting to feel stronger and fitter.  Bring it on!
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